Indian Hair

Natural Wavy South Indian Raw Hair is the most popular type of natural hair in the market. With it’s naturally soft, bouncy and light weight texture, it’s spontaneous silkiness is unmatched with chemical processing. Each bundle is solitary (from an alike donor) but no bundle is just alike, one may be wavier, or coarser in texture than the other, or slightly lighter in colour.

Although there is no pronounced wave pattern; co washing retains the hair to a beautiful wavy texture in its natural state. This hair can be straight- ironed or curled, which holds a curl for several days, but this hair blends well best with natural or liberal hair.

Our hair originates from one of the most exclusive temples of South India. Our hair weighs about 5-10 grams more on average than the natural temple hair and will last you about 10 – 15 washes. Because this hair is of a higher quality, it lasts much longer and will provide you with the most natural look feasible.
We don’t compromise in quality and procession of our products. It is important that you receive the best quality possible. As we say; Your hair is your Crown.

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